Thank you for taking the time to browse my website and artwork, I do appreciate it.

I strive hard to develop a passionate eye. Using my bare hands, paint and pencil as tools, I strive to record elements of the natural, figurative, and emotional world. I consider myself a forager of emotions and pieces of the visual world that move and inspire me. Almost obsessively, I attempt to mesh these collected elements to create works that are unstructured and fluid. What you may see, might at first seem simple and non-descript, but I urge you to look deeper at the subject matter, hand work and color plays. I hope you begin to sense emotions and symbolic imagery that are stored deep within us all.----

>> a few of my studies and smaller paintings have left the studio for other walls...Will keep you updated on new works and shows....til I talk to you next, be good and thanks for all the support!

Philadelphia, PA